Paddock Agistment

Horses are very social animals and we believe they are happiest in their natural state, which means living in herds and grazing for long periods.

Riverview consists of 650 acres off the Cotter Rd that are broken up into back paddocks (large and native pasture), front paddocks (smaller and centrally located) and middle paddocks (medium sized but still well located).

All paddocks have good fences with offset electric wires, good natural shade and self-filling water troughs fed by town water. We also have a number of large stables that include a metal yard and day paddock available only to the stabled horse.

We have a variety of different paddock types, from well-located private paddocks, full board paddocks, larger herd paddocks through to back spelling paddocks.

Private Paddocks

We have a small number of private one and two horse paddocks located close to arenas, the barn and all facilities. Our private paddocks are pasture improved and fertalised annually.

Full Board Paddocks

Full care paddocks are available for those wanting to spending more quality time riding. Horses are fed and checked twice daily. Our full board paddocks are pasture improved and fertalised annually.

Full board stables are also available.

Herd paddocks

We have a wide variety of paddock options available where horses are run as a herd. These paddocks are well located and suited to horses that like to be grazed in a herd environment.

Spelling paddocks

Our back spelling paddocks are suited to horses in very light work, retired or being spelled. They have native pastures, and are much larger in size. Only certain fences are electrified.